Gender Representation in Efl Distance Education Materials: Alpha University College's Year I English Modules in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study is to investigate if the distance education modules of Alpha University.. College reveal any imbalance concerning gender representation . An attempt is also made to identify the possible causes of gender bias in the content of the modules. Besides, efforts are made to check the accessibility of gender fair a lternatives . Thc study employed the following research tools to achieve its objectives. First, content analysis of the distance education modules is made to investigate features of gender bias. Second, the subjects who produced and edited the modules are interviewed. In doing so, the study compiled further information and crosschecked the data ge n erated through content analysis. The summary of the data obtained through the above research tools indicates that th e r e is a significant differenc e between male and female sex representation in both modules (i.e . intermediale wriLing skills and reading skills) . It is also discovered that the module producer and editor have the awareness of gender-fair linguistic features. But, they seem to be negligent to convert existing wrong practices. On top of these, it is a ls o observed that the sensitivity of the module producer and editor is not accompanied by appropriate practice.



Gender Representation