Determinants Of Customer Satisfation In Life Insurance Business: The Case Of Awash Insurance Company S.C.

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Due to increasing awareness among people about their uncertainty of life and increasing competition in Insurance sector, it is significant for Insurance Companies to understand the requisite of their customer. This study intends to explore the determinants of customer satisfaction of life insurance customers in Awash Insurance Company (AIC). This research tries to analyze the effect of demographic variables: Sex, Age, Education, Occupation and Premium on customer satisfaction. Both Primary and Secondary data were used to collect data. Primary data were collected from 346 respondents of life insurance customers of AIC through a structured questionnaire. And the source for secondary data was customer feedback, business journals and authentic websites. Convenient sampling method was used to select respondents. The collected information was analyzed through statistical software (SPSS). The finding of the result shows that there is a significant effect of age on customer satisfaction. It is suggested that the life insurance companies should consider the demographic profile of the customers while providing services, as each customer has individual needs and preferences according to their demographic status. The findings of this study provide knowledge and background to the company to better shape the policies, focus their positions in the market and also to provide maximum satisfaction to every customer.


A Thesis Submitted To The Departement Of Management Mba Program Presented In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirments For The Degree Of Master Of Business Administration


Customer satisfaction, Demographic variables, Life insurance