Consistent Condom use and Associated Factors among People Living with HIV AIDS Who are on Art in Hosanna Town, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Background: The advent of antiretroviral treatment has contributed a lot in decline of HIV AIDS related morbidity and mortality. While ART enables people living with HIV to regain their sexual capability, new challenges to prevent HIV transmission to sero discordant partner and reinfection with new drug resistant virus have risen. Objectives: To assess magnitude and factors associated with consistent condom use among People Living with HIV/AIDS who are on HAART in health institutions of Hosanna town. Methods: Mixed methods research was conducted. The quantitative institutions based cross sectional design was followed by a qualitative in-depth interview. Using systematic random sampling method 394 individuals were selected and six in-depth interviews with PLWHA on ART coupled with three in-depth interviews with ART counselor were held using theoretical sampling. A structured pretested questionnaire and interview guide were used. EPI info, SPSS and open code softwares were used for analysis. Descriptive statistics, binary and multiple logistic regressions were computed. Results: Consistent condom use among sexually active ART clients was 51.2 %( 95% CI: 46.3, 56.1). Respondents who have been on ART for 12 to 24 months [AOR=0.26:95% CI 0.07, 0.93] and perceived that ART can reduce HIV transmission [AOR=0.18:95% CI 0.09, 0.35] were less likely to use condom consistently. Where as partner status being negative [AOR=2.45:95% CI 1.14, 5.35] was more likely to use condom. Qualitative findings also show that low risk perception to HIV, feeling of invulnerability and non disclosure of HIV status to maintain relationship influence consistent condom use among ART attendees. Conclusion and recommendation: Consistent condom use among ART attendees was low. Perception that ART can reduce HIV transmission, duration of ART and partner status was predictors for consistent condom use. The study highlighted the need for ART programs to include follow up counseling that emphasize on consistent condom use with all partners irrespective of partner status, serostatus disclosure, partner testing and treatment optimisms