The Challenges and the Current Prospects of Teaching Physical Education in Arbaminch Secondary Schools

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Addis Abeba university


The main purpose of this study was to assess the challenges and current prospect of physical education in secondary schools of Arbaminch. The sample consisted of 446 students and 10 physical education teachers’ drawn from the three high schools. Regarding sampling technique, students were selected from each sample schools by using simple random sampling technique. Physical education teachers were selected on the basses of availability of sampling technique. The research methodology employed in the study was a descriptive survey. Questionnaires were the major data gathering instruments used in the study. Interview and observation were supportive data gathering instruments. Percentage and frequency count were used to analyze and interpret the data. The results showed that students level of participation in physical education class and in different sport is low, disability issues are not considered in high schools’ curriculum to give chance for special need students; students’ and school administrators’ attitude towards physical education were low, instructional materials and facilities were inadequate, the allotted time to physical education was not enough, physical education was not considered as basic subject, physical education teachers were not competent to teach physical education, and large class size based on the findings, recommendation was made towards the curriculum to minimize the existing problem. According to this, physical education teachers should encourage students to participate, schools and community together should strive to fulfill instructional materials and facilities, creating awareness on schools and students about physical education. The concerned body at the Arbaminch Kentiba level should plan to build additional classes for secondary schools to give solution for large class size, providing in-service training opportunity to those physical education teachers who are not competent to teach special need and regular physical education students and others to solve the identified problems as recommended.



Current Prospects of Teaching