Assessment of Project Performance in Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Terminal E-commerce Warehouse Construction Project

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Addis Ababa University


The primary goal of this study was to assess the Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Terminal E-Commerce Warehouse Construction Project's project performance. The 5-point Likert-Scale closed-ended questionnaire was used to gather data from a sample population, and the sample size was obtained using Yemane’s sample size calculation. 96 of the 120 questionnaires provided were properly completed and collected for the study. The 96 employees were from the client Ethiopian Airlines as well as the consultant’s Dar Consultant, contractor’s AVIC International Beijing Co. Ltd., and subcontractors working on the e-commerce warehouse building project for the Ethiopian Airlines cargo terminal. The researcher employed a descriptive and inferential statistics approach in order to achieve its goals. Tables were used to present the data after descriptive and inferential statistics were applied with the aid of SPSS version 27. Findings: The results suggest that the project performance with respect to schedule, quality, cost, stakeholder engagement, and performance of business case is exceptional throughout the Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Terminal E-Commerce Warehouse Construction Project and also schedule, quality, cost and performance of business case have positive and significant relationship with project performance. Finally, the study advised that the construction project needs to be completed within the stipulated schedule, the cost that was established in the budget, the quality of standard expected of the project, there needs to be an easy way of exchanging information with the stakeholder as well as the project need to be done within the specified business case



project management, project performance