Assessment Of Pharmaceutical Warehouse Performance And Challenges: A Case Of Addis Ababa Regional Health Bureau

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to assess pharmaceutical warehousing performance and challenges in hospitals that are found under the Addis Ababa regional health bureau. For the study, a descriptive method with a cross-sectional study design had employed. Besides, this study applies a quantitative research approach. Data were collected by using the Questionnaire. Due to the size of the studies' population is few and below 100, whichis 53, this research is a census study. A total number of 53 questionnaires were distributed, 51 were filled and returned, from these three (3) were filled in completely, thus, 48 questionnaires were correctly filled & used to make the response rate 90.57%. Mean, frequency, and percentages have used to analyze the data, with the support of SPSS software. Generally, the finding of the study showed that the levels of Pharmaceutical warehouse performance are found to be moderate in the case of Addis Ababa regional heath bureau hospital pharmacy warehouses. Moreover, inconvenience of the design/layout of the pharmaceutical warehouse for performing warehousing activities; insufficient availability of space for loading & unloading of pharmaceuticals: absence of welldeveloped technology for warehouse inventory control, absence of procedure for disposal of expired and damaged items from inventory and Insufficient manpower to do the loading/unloading of pharmaceuticals are found to be the major challenges of warehousing. Furthermore, low attention is given to the provisioning of training for employees. The hospitals higher management should plane to visit the warehouses on a certain period interval and gather information from employees, then work on challenges that are identified to improve pharmaceutical warehousing performance.



pharmaceutical Warehouse, Warehouse performance, challenges in warehousing