Investigation of Pedestrian Safety Problems and Their Remedial Solutions in Addis Ababa: The Case of Kirkos Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


The road traffic crash statistics of Addis Ababa shows pedestrian injuries have the highest share among all road users.This research aims to investigate current pedestrian safety problems in Addis Ababa and tries to identify factors influencing it.The study area, Addis Ababa has ten sub cities where Kirkos sub city ranks first with the highest total road traffic crashes.This sub city is selected as a study site and pedestrian-vehicle crash data for three consecutive years were collected. These data were analyzed using odd ratio analysis and logistic regression analysis. Moreover, sample pedestrians and drivers were selected randomly and filled out questionnaire with list of hundred factors related to pedestrian safety in four categories: pedestrian related, driver related, vehicle related and road and environment related; which was analyzed by Likert scale rating and reduced it to top twenty ranked factors.Then these twenty factors; five from each categories were taken and pair wise comparison by senior experts was employed by Analytical Hierarchial Process (AHP) technique. Analyzing these resulted in a rank for each factor with their global weight.The top three are related to driver behavior: alcohol use by drivers (11.55%), driver rush and negligence (6.084%) and improper or erratic lane changing (6.048%).The twenty factors were then grouped to the four categories with their local ranking. In the odd ratio analysis, four hypothesis were tested and only one hypothesis is accepted indicating drivers with experiences of more than 10 years are most responsible to pedestrian serious injury. From the logit model driver-vehicle relationship, junction type, pedestrian age and pedestrian sex are positively associated with pedestrian injuries.Thus in order to take appropriate measures towards pedestrian safety: pedestrian related factors, driver related factors, vehicle related factors and road and environment related factors need to be considered and appropriate measure has to be considered in a systematic way. Rather than a scattered spots approach by a piecemeal basis; a perspective towards looking the urban network of road infrastructure, pedestrian facilities and the urban land use is considered in this research. This research concludes a strategic way has to be followed towards promoting road safety and pedestrian safety in Addis Ababa that would be an area-wide and multi-disciplinary approach, that is, urban safety management.



Road Traffic Crash, Pedestrian Injuries, Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub City, Pedestrian Safety, Urban Safety Management