Hotels Social Responsibility Practices the Case of Five Star Rated, in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is bothered with how an affiliation exaggerates its littlest obligations to partners expressed over order and corporate administration. The principle assurance of this examination is to survey, Hotel's social obligation of five-star hotels in Addis Ababa, to accomplish the objectives, both primary and secondary data were produced by utilizing qualitative and quantitative strategies. The analysis attended the descriptive techniques shored up with qualitative information. And quantitative information was analyzed by utilizing the usually utilized programming SPSs descriptive statics, T-test, and ANOVA and the acquired outcomes were then discussed. The finding shows that the majority of the details don't know about CSR and the dominant practices the natural, monetary and social extents however enormously practices the economic and social activities of SR and environmental component of social obligation needs to get incredible consideration. Furthermore, challenges are that outside factors have more effect on CSR selection than inward factors. The business embraces a policy-based consistence procedure as an expense of working together. The greater part of the foundations is receptive to increasing the value community. Money related limitation, absence of top administrators’ interest and absence of mindfulness on CSR are the primary inhibitors of CSR commitment and the survey result shows the local community has positive perception towards CSR hotels. The researcher recommends, mindfulness have to be made in regards to the issue of corporate social obligation, the proprietor of the hotels ought to be keen on putting resources into CSR and the legislature and another concerned body should offer thoughtfulness regarding the CSR of the hotels.



corporate social responsibility, perception, practice, challenges, triple bottom line, hotels, Addis Ababa