Teacher Retention and Attrition in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The study assessed some of the main factors that affect the retention and attrition rate of teachers in the Regional State of Benishangul - Gumuz. The sample consisted 235 teachers who were drawn from 19 primary and 6 secondary schools. Simple random sampling method was used to select the primary schools and a purposful sampling approach was employed in selecting secondary schools. the In order to address the study's objectives, a descriptive survey method was also used. To gather the necessary data, a questionnaire, unstructured interviews, and documents were the main instruments employed. The data accumulated from these documents was analysed in percentages and statistical techniques such as the T -test, Chi- square, and ANOVA. The results obtained from the study suggest that the reasons for leaving the profession were lack of ability to transfer from one region to another and an inadequate opportunity to extend one's education. In addition, most teachers seem to be dissatisfied because of the absence of incentives, such as hardship allowance payment thought to be justified because of the working conditions in the areas. Furthermore, findings reveal that most teachers appear to be displeased with the technical support rendered by supervisors and experts in the region. Moreover, majority of the high school teachers would change their profession even when paid on the same salaryscale. The study also suggested that high school teachers attrition rate was higher than the primary school teachers. Based on the findings and conclusions, recommendations are made to address the extisting problems in the Regional State under study.



Teacher Retention, and Attrition in Benishangul-Gumuz