A Prototype Multimedia Database System for Potential Investment Projects in Ethiopia: An Object•Oriented Approach

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia is now running to make itself a destination of investors. To make investment decision, however, investors require quality information on the main parameters of the country, including investment opportunities and costs, legal framework for investment, and available infrastructures. To provide for such requirements, among other things, detail and continuos studies for the development of appropriate information systems that generate quality information on potential investment projects of the country are essential. This study was an attempt to develop a multimedia database for potential investment projects with the aim of upgrading the existing data management system at the Ethiopian Investment Authority. Investors and direct investment officers in the country were surveyed through mail questionnaire, personal interview, literature review, document searching, and observation. On the basis of the analysis of the facts gathered, information requirements of potential investors, and existing data management problems at the Authority were identified. An attempt was made to identify the causes of problems and their remedies. The necessity of maintaining different forms or types of data on potential investment projects that meet the identified requirements was also explored. A prototype multimedia database was developed as a solution in tackling the existing problems. The project subsystem part of the design was implemented and tested. The study established that the existing data management system at the Authority has serious problems in meeting the information requirements of potential investors. During investment decision, investors require quality information on investment opportunities, investment climate, and spatial entity. The potential investment projects database, proposed as a solution, should integrate different forms of data, such as text, image, video, and audio. Further, recommendations were made for considerations by the Authority to fully benefit from the solutions suggested by way of identifying major activities to be carried out to develop and implement the prototype database into a filily operational database.



Prototype Multimedia Database System