The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Equity: The case of Awash Bank S.C

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Tekletsion, Selam

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Addis Ababa University


This paper deals with analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility features and brand Equity. The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on brand Equity: the case of Awash Bank S.C. Accordingly, the research models were composed of three independent variables such as environmental responsibility, societal responsibility and stakeholder responsibility while there is one dependent variable which is brand equity. Furthermore hypotheses were developed to shown the effect of all the independent variables of corporate social responsibility on the dependent variable of brand equity. To this end, a structured 5-point Likert scale close ended questionnaire based survey was employed to collect data. For the customers of sixteen selected Awash bank branches regions found in Addis Ababa. More specifically 400 questionnaires were distributed and 376 (94 %) were returned back for analysis. The correlation analysis was illustrated to examine the relationship between those variables and effects of the factors was reported and analyzed by using multiples liner regression. Descriptive statistics also conducted in the research through the aid of Statistical Package for Social Science version 24 (SPSS). The findings of the study revealed that among the independent variables of environmental responsibility significantly affect brand equity of Awash bank. Concerning to societal responsibility the beta value as well as the p-value told that those factors positively and significantly affect brand equity of Awash bank. Another promising finding was also told that stakeholders responsibility are considered as a factor and which positively and significantly affect brand equity. Based on the finding, the researcher tried to forward a recommendation that management of Awash bank should focus and working on the above statistically significant factor in order to enhance and improve the bank image in the near future



Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental responsibility, societal responsibility,