Practices and Challenges of Utilizing of Instructional Media in Secondary Schools of Halaba Special Woreda in South Nation Nationality Region

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of study was investigated the practices and challenges of utilization of instructional media in secondary schools of Halaba special woreda in south nation nationality region. A descriptive survey design was used. The total sample size of the study respondents from 4 secondary schools 96 teachers and 10 principals . 10 principals were interviewed, and 96 teachers were participated for questionnaire and observation checklist reared for qualitative survey. The analysis of the data revealed that there is a significant practices of instructional media during the class and challenges that discourage teachers from using instructional media. The study found instructional media like electronic media, charts, pictures, models, local teaching materials, real objects, flip charts, globs, maps were used in low extent with 68.8%, 50, 67.7, 62.5,60.4, 64.6, 60.4, 62.5, 56.25, responses rate respectively. Besides this, the knowledge and practice of using instructional media is limited to the usage. Even though the school government and school administration declared planning as utilization of instructional media in this study. The major constraints were low encouragement, lack of commitment, low attention, lack of time, lack of interest, lack of facilitate and lack of material resource. Generally the issue under discussion needs to be improved through training, community sensitization, ,coordination, motivation, experience sharing, and maintaining adequate resources are recommended for the betterment.