Human Resource Management Practices and Challenges: The Case of Misrak Polytechnic College

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to identify the Human Resource Management Practices and Challenges in MisrakPolytechnic College. In this study the researcher attempted to show the human resource management practices which are process of recruitment, practice of human resource development, reward and punishment practices, equal opportunity practices, diversity management, retention, evaluation and termination system in Misrak Polytechnic College. While checking the human resource management practices, the researcher also tried to find out the major challenges of Human Resource Management and the recommended solutions in the future. As sources of information trainers, the Dean and Assistant Dean, HRM manager and two officers were selected. From total population of trainers 120 were selected through random sampling out of 238 and 83 questionnaires were completed and returned. 5 administrators were selected for interview through purposive sampling method. Instead of supporting the collected data, the researcher made document analysis on HRM concerned areas. The results of open ended items of the questionnaires and interviews were presented through descriptive statement. From the data collected, it can be concluded that there is lack of rising awareness of HRM policies for employees, The HRM practices of Misrak Polytechnic college needs to be revised and rules and directives are to be seriously applied andhigh turnover rate, weak personal filing and discipline system are the major challenges of Misrak Polytechnic College. Based on the conclusions given above, Its recommended to that the college administrators and stakeholders to take extraeffort in creating awareness about the college HRM policy and to reassemble the HRM department with HRM professionals. The other recommendation to be raised for the Misrak Polytechnic College is that it is better to change the leadership style into managerial style as the discipline issues are getting worse from time to time.



Human Resource Management Practices and Challenges