Pattern, Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Online Sports Betting on Students: The Case of Secondary School Students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


A great number of individuals amongst the urban youth and adolescents of Ethiopia are becoming more and more involved in gambling activities. Gambling is exacerbated due to the advent of online sports betting. Online sports betting does not require a specific gambling terminal to bet and a bettor can place a bet from any location via the internet which makes it more appealing for the current technology attached youths and adolescents. Therefore this study investigated the pattern and prevalence of online sports betting and its associated risk factors of problematic gambling among preparatory school students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The study was conducted on 146 preparatory school students who have at least once placed a bet. The study showed that most betting participants were male. The study also showed online sports betting is becoming more and more popular among youths and adolescents because it is technology related which made it easy, efficient, effective, and private according to the study participants. Social media platforms also played an important role in the online sports betting industry because they were the main source of information regarding the odds of the game before placing abet. Risk factors of problematic gambling were also investigated because they are necessary to design effective intervention plans to prevent the negative consequences of gambling. The findings of the study reveal that personal factors like self-esteem and drug abuse, social factors like peer influence and family gambling habits, and environmental factors like advertisements and the opening of numerous betting stations in several places have strong and positive correlations with problematic gambling. Key words: Online Sports Betting, Gambling, Problem Gambling, Pathological Gambling, Risk factors and Corporate Social Responsibility



Online Sports Betting, Gambling, Problem Gambling, Pathological Gambling, Risk factors, Corporate Social Responsibility