Attitude of nursing and midwifery students towards clinical practice and associated factors in university of Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018.

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Addis Ababa Universty


Background: Clinical practice is the main teaching modalities in health and medical science, in which students apply the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the clinical setting. However, acquisition of clinical skill mainly affected by the attitude of students towards clinical practice. Favorable attitude towards clinical practice promotes effective clinical learning. However, the area has not been well investigated in Ethiopia. Objective: To Assess the attitude of Nurse and Midwife Students towards clinical practice and associated factors at University of Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018. Method: Institution based cross-sectional study design with Self-administered Structured questionnaires was carried out by 345 Nurse and Midwife Students from March 19 th –26th, 2018. Proportionate stratified allocation of a sample from the respective year of study and finally the study participants were selected by simple random sampling technique. Data was entered into Epi Data version 3.1 and exported and analyzed using SPSS version 20. Descriptive statistics and logistic regression with 95%CI were used to analyses data. All factors with a P value <0.2 in the bivariate logistic regression were entered into the multivariate model to control the possible effect of confounders. From multivariate logistic regression, variables with P value (𝑝 < 0.05) was accepted. Result: The prevalence of favorable attitude towards clinical practice was 42.9% and response rate 98.6%. Students who prepared for clinical practice (AOR=2.071(1.247, 3.439), communicate well with the staff (AOR=1.889(1.045, 3.413)), practiced in hospital (AOR=1.759, 95%CI (1.010, 3.063)) and accompanying frequently in clinical practice setting by Clinical Supervisor (AOR 1.690, 95%CI (1.018, 2.805) had odds of favorable attitude towards clinical practice than those who did not their counterparts. Conclusion and Recommendation: The favorable attitude towards clinical practice was 42.9%. Students’ factors, Student-Staff interaction factors, clinical placement related factors and Clinical Supervisor related factors had a significant association with Attitude towards clinical practice. Build the bridge between University and health facilities. Facilitate frequent and supportive supervision of Students at clinical areas as well as design appropriate clinical practice protocol and guidelines have to be considered.



Nursing and Midwifery Students, Attitude, clinical practice, University of Gondar.