Usabilty Evaluation of Mobile Banking in Ethiopia the Case of Berhan Bank S.C

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Addis Ababa University


Although several studies have contributed substantially to the literature on usability evaluation of mobile banking, the findings of most of the studies may not be applicable to other countries like Ethiopia, due to differences in mobile banking development. Due to that, this research is conducted as conformatory research for Ethiopia. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the Usability of Mobile banking in Ethiopia: The case of Berhan Bank S.C. The research question of the study is stated as, “What is the level of Mobile banking usability at Berhan Bank?” and “How mobile system usability affects mobile banking adoption at Berhan Bank? “The research model was adopted from Neilsen model and ISO. Also one variable for the model was adopted from SLR of previous research which was conducted from relevant journals and conferences .A quantitative research approach was used to answer the research questions. This study was conducted based on the data gathered from customers of Berhan Bank in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The survey was conducted using a self-administered questionnaire. Out of 110 questionnaires that have been shared with customers, 94 questionnaires were collected but one of the respondents with no educational background is removed by considering the response may not be valid and he/she may not be able to respond to an online questioner if he/she doesn’t have educational background. The findings of this study show that Berhan Mobile Banking has more usability issues on Trustfulness than efficiency, Effectiveness, and Learnability. But the usability issues on different user categories shows that there are differences between them. The older age has more usability issues on Berhan Mobile Banking than the middle and younger aged user. Having a low IT literacy level has more usability issues than High IT literacy. But being male or female doesn’t have a difference on the Usability issues. The study also confirmed the existence of the influence of trustfulness, effectiveness, and learnability on the adoption of mobile banking.



Usabilty Evaluation, Mobile Banking, Ethiopia, Case of Berhan Bank S.C