Condition Monitoring of Rail Vehicle Wheel Profile

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Addis Ababa University


Condition based maintenance or condition monitoring and fault detection systems are now becoming increasingly important in rail vehicles maintenance and operation, ensuring safety and reliability improvement. Up to now light rail vehicles were not the main target for this trend, because of low operation speed and lower safety factors. Nevertheless public transport operators begin to pay a closer attention to the condition monitoring of tramways, in order to reduce maintenance cost and increase safety and ride comfort for passengers, which is a very important task for public transport competitiveness in this century. To meet the above mentioned goal, this paper models rail-wheel condition monitoring program based on rail vehicle wheel profile analysis by using mathematical analysis and matlab simulation to extract different features. By extracting different features and using matlab simulation, it obtained graphical indication for monitoring of the wheel condition by setting expected goal. So it can be applied in any types of rail vehicles because it reduces maintenance cost and increase safety factors. Good or bad wheel profile can easily be identified by using such matlab algorithm for specified rail vehicles. Therefore, this paper focuses on identification of proper wheel profile for any types of rail vehicles. Moreover, other monitoring system such as vibration, sound and etc can also be applied by using such algorithm.



Rail Vehicle, Wheel Profile, Monitoring