Quality of Export Banking Services the Case of Bunna International Bank

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Addis Ababa University


Export banking service is the most important factor that determines the export performance of exporters and the level of hard currency flows to the banks. This research was conducted to assess export banking service in the case of Bunna international bank; specifically on sesame seeds export. In this research SERVQUAL model was used to assess the stated objective of the study. Sesame seed exporters at Bunna international bank were the target population to evaluate the export banking service. Structured questionnaire were used to collect data. Descriptive research designs were used to get a better insight into the studied issue. To identify the GAP between the perceived service quality and the expected service quality mean analysis was done and the findings indicated positive GAP on reliability and assurance dimensions assuring the provision of greater service on the dimensions. Further correlation and analysis was done and the five dimensions found to be correlated with the overall service quality of the bank. The regression analysis also indicated the most important predictors among the dimensions. Accordingly, reliability and assurance found to be the first and the second most important determinants of the overall service quality.



Service Quality, service quality dimensions, GAP