The Practice of Investigative Journalism: The Case of Walta Mermera Program

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Unlike the routine and daily reporting, investigative stories do not just happen; they are well articulated and created through a process that starts with an idea which is painstakingly developed through rigorous research. This paper is intended to assess the practice of investigative journalism in ‘Walta Mermera’ program in particular; based on the level of practicing ethical principles and professional skills. To achieve the objective, the researcher employed a descriptive-analytical qualitative research method. Both primary and secondary data are used to assess the practice. In this regard, four sample investigative programs have been reviewed. Of the four programs, two have a three-part series (episodes). Thus, when the number of programs in the series is added, the number of programs reviewed reaches eight. . In addition, personal observation was conducted to fill the gaps of the interview and other sources from various literatures. The analysis of the study revealed that there are skills, critical thinking and ethical decision making problems. Finally, it is recommended that Walta Television should organize a strong investigative journalist’s team in order to produce huge and influential investigative documentaries. In addition, there is a need to strengthen the human resources by deploying professionals with experience in the field.