Determinants of Soybean Export Performance in Ethiopia

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Export is one of the most important business activities that play a significant role for economic development of nations. Hence, this study aimed to examinedeterminants of Soybean export performance in Ethiopia. Structured interview with 168Soybean exporter firms, who were selected using probability sampling technique supplemented by key informant interview, was applied.Descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression model of data analysis are used to identify the determinants of Soybean export performance in the study area. In this study Soybeanexport performance is measured in terms of annual export income. The descriptive statistics result shows that, the mean Soybeanexport income is 199,416.50 USD per year. Among the variables from literatureland size under Soybean, training, price and stable exchange rate are significantly and positively affecting the Soybeanexport performance in the study area. On the other hand, quality of Soybean productaffects Soybeanexport performance of firmssignificantly and negatively. Thus, in the process of exporting Soybean, these variables should be considered by the government decision makers, sector associations and chamber of commerce at different level and individual export firm owners and or managers.Cross-sectional data can only show differences between people at a single point in time. To understand how these differences change over time, future studies should collect time series data



Export Performance, Multiple Linear Regressions, Soybean