Factors Affecting Cargo Dwell Time In Dry Port: A Case Study Of Modjo Dry Port

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Addis Ababa University


This study assessed that many factors affecting cargo dwell time in dry port. The research have been revealed that factors affecting cargo dwell time such as inadequate gantry crane machine, reducing cargo delays or dwell time, container cargo and truck turnaround time, custom clearance, limited storage capacity, poor multi-modal connections to hinterland and infrastructure directly influencing cargo dwell time. The research document thoroughly explored these factors and discussed the extent to which they affect cargo dwell time within the dry port industry. The primary objective of this study was to assess factors affecting cargo dwell time with a case study of Modjo dry Port. The target population of the study was approximately 500 people who included ERCA (Ethiopian revenue and customs authority) and Modjo Terminal Operations. Questionnaires have been the major instrument used to obtain primary data from the respondents; while the secondary data were obtained from existing empirical literature relevant to the study. The research was analyzed by exploratory approach using a descriptive survey design. The questionnaire was designed by using Likert scale type and samples of 50 respondents were obtained through a stratified sampling technique of which 30 of the respondents participated in the survey. Data was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and Microsoft Excel 2007. The findings revealed 86.7% of the respondents believe that by improving the infrastructures at Modjo dry port will minimize the congestion problems that sometime occur. Results from the research gives that 83.3% of the respondent’s agrees that the lack of Integrated IT system poses substantial delays in custom clearance procedures. The study also recommended that Modjo dry port continuously invest in modern quay and gantry crane machine to supplement the current ones in order to continuously enhance productivity of dry port operations and that ESLSE (Ethiopian shipping and logistics service enterprise) invest in expanding the physical infrastructure such as adequate logistics facilities, expanding dry port yard capacity, railway stations and expanding connections with other dry ports.



Cargo terminals, Dwell time, Dry port