Health and Life-Related Burden of Motor Vehicle Injuries in Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba Universty


Ethiopia has a relatively high number of fatalities due to road traffic injuries per number of vehicles as compared to many countries in the world, with a death rate of 80 per 10,000 vehicles. Based on reports from Federal Police Commission, more than 94% of road traffic injuries in Ethiopia occur due to motor vehicle crashes and 60% of road traffic crashes in the country are reported from Addis Ababa. This study aimed to estimate the health and life related burden of motor vehicle injuries that occurred in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the year 2001 EFY. The study was conducted from February to June 2010 in six hospitals of the metropolis. It was designed as prevalence based cost -of- illness study from a societal perspective. A retrospective descriptive study was conducted to capture costs incurred by motor vehicle injuries in Addis Ababa in 2001 EFY. Multi-stage cluster sampling technique was used to select 364 study subjects. The total health and life-related cost of motor vehicle injuries in Addis Ababa was estimated to be 31,692,892 birr. Out of this, the indirect and direct costs were 20, 608, 801 and 11,084,091 birr respectively. In conclusion, the enormous health and life related burden caused by motor vehicle injuries implies that such injuries are health problems of economic importance demanding more attention from health planners and policy makers. The health sector should collaborate with other agencies in the prevention of motor vehicle injuries so as to reduce the immense economic burden it inflicts on health services.



Health and Life-Related Burden