An assessment of Communication Satisfaction at the Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise

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One of the foundations for improving an organization's efficiency is understanding the significance of measuring employee communication satisfaction. The idea of a communication audit is not well practiced in our country, especially in government organizations. One such company is the Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise (EPSE). This research study is mainly aimed at exploring the level of employee communication satisfaction in EPSE with communication factors and also evaluating the relationship between job satisfaction and communication satisfaction by analyzing Dawns and Hazen (1977) communication satisfaction dimensions. The study also assessed the strength and weaknesses of formal and informal communication practices of the EPSE and also evaluated the relationship between top management and the employee and the supervisory subordinate relationship of the employee. A total of 137 EPSE staff members from 23 departments participated in this study. This study includes both managers and employees of the organization. The researcher used correlational research design and a mixed research method approach that included both quantitative and qualitative data. The primary data for the research was collected through Downs Hazen's 1977 CSQ 7-Step Likert type scale and in-depth interviews. The data were analyzed by SPSS software and by summarizing the responses from the interviewees. The study indicated that there is a low level of communication satisfaction among employees and that there is also a significant communication satisfaction difference in gender and term of employment. Additionally, there is a strong positive relationship between communication and job satisfaction. The study also discovered that middle management and staff members are not satisfied with top management's communication.. Employee satisfaction with their supervisor's communication is comparatively high. According to the research, improving employee communication satisfaction will require more efforts and initiatives from senior managers as well as efficient management of internal communication. By developing various motivational mechanisms to utilize and exploit their knowledge, EPSE also focuses on the communication satisfaction of experienced employees and male employees.