Squatter Settlements in Yeka Sub-City: Nature, Causes and Impacts on Urban Land Management With Emphasis on Kebeles 15 and 16

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Addis Ababa University


It is readily understood that the problem oj housing shortage has been serious and rampant in Addis Ababa. The acute shortage oj housing in the city has been aggravated by high rate oj population growth. migration oj p eople urban wards and the prevalence oj poverty. The prevalence oj certain constraints in urban land allocation and hOUSing provision Jurther worsened the shelter problem in the city. In a nutshell. Jormal housing provision has proved to be inadequate in the city oj Addis Ababa. Thus. a considerable proportion oj the dwellers oj the city are Jorced to squatting mechanisms. especially in the p eripheral and expansion areas oj the city to meet their shelter needs. Squatting. though it appeared to be helpJul in alleviating the problem oj housing shortage to a certain extent. has negative implications to urban land developmellt and management. In light oj this. the city govemment has been trying to control the squatting practice mainly through demolishing squatter houses. However. the squatting problem has continued unabated owing to various reasons. This study Jocuses on squatter settlements that are Jound in the Yelea Sub-City. The principal objective oj the study is to assess the nature. causes and impacts oj squatter settlements onJormal urban land development and management. In order to achieve the objective oj the study a questionnaire survey covering a total oj 240 sample squatter household heads was carried out in the leebele 15 and 16 oj Yelea Sub-City. The data was analyzed using SPSS data processing method. The study revealed that the majority oj the sample squatter household heads were migrants. young age groups and male-headed households. They were Jorced to squat mainly due to lacle oj Jormal hOUSing provision in the central parts oj the city. In most cases. the Jormal mechanisms oj obtaining housing and construction sites have been unaJJordable and inaccessible due to mainly low-income conditions oj the households concem ed. Thus. most oj them optedJor squatting in the periphery oj the city where access to land has been relatively easy. Migration. new household Jormation. constraints in housing and land marleet, low income and high rental prices proved to be the major contributing Jactors Jor the expansion oj squatting in the locality. In addition to these causes. the tolerant attitude oj the govemment to let squatters occupy hilly and green areas. the govemments' inability to control and execute these settlements. ineffICient control oj the code erifC?rcement service to deter illegal housing construction. are some oj the Jactors that have contributed to the emergence and proliferation oj squatter settlements in the study area. ThereJore. in order to reduce in short term and ultimately solve the problem oj squatting. the researcher come up with the recommendation that the root cause oj housing shortage in Addis Ababa should be studied Jurther and low cost housing developments be encouraged by the middle level real estate developers as well as the public at large.



Urban Land Management