Assessing the Impacts of Land Holding Certificate on Soil Conservation Practices: The Case of Girar Jarso Woreda.Oromia,Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


In Ethiopia, among many factors, tenure insecurity is considered as a main problem for land degradation. The objective of the study is to assess impacts of land holding certificate on soil conservation practices and the major constraints of soil conservation in the study area. Structured questionnaire survey, Key informant interview, direct observation and focus group discussion methods were applied to collect the necessary information from farm households. A total of 120 households were interviewed to collect primary data. Secondary data were also gathered from published and unpublished documents such as office records and reports, books, and related thesis works. Then, the data acquired analyzed using descriptive statistics techniques and binary logistic regression. Descriptive statistics were used to compare different categories of sample unit 's in terms of means and percentage. Cross tabulation is used to compare and analyzed data gathered from households. The study result shows that soil conservation practices such as soil bund, stone bund, check dam and plantation of trees were seemed to be more influenced by land holding certificates. based on the analysis made on some selected variables, educational level, farm experience, family size and land renting have a significant impact on farmer's soil conservation practices so that it should be highly considered in the study area ..



holding certificate on soil conservation practices