Community And Stakeholders’ Participation On Roads Maintenance Projects: The Case Of Oromiya Roads Authority

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Addis Ababa University


Roads are clearly a critical enabling condition for improving living conditions in rural areas. Maintenance of rural roads have only relatively recently received attention in development research. Production costs, employment creation, access to markets, and investment depend on sustainable quality of infrastructure, especially transport. The purpose of the study was to examine community and stakeholders’ participation on maintenance of URRAP roads projects of Oromiya Roads Authority. The design that used in the research was descriptive survey. The target populations of the study were 40 respondents from Oromiya Roads Authority. The study used the census approach where all the members of the target population were included into the study sample. The study used both primary and secondary data collection methods. The primary data was collected using questionnaires and interviews. Secondary data was derived from the organization’s records. The data from the completed questionnaires was studied, re-coded and entered into the computer using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22. Descriptive statistics were employed to analyze quantitative data. The descriptive statistics included frequency counts, means and percentages. Qualitative data was analyzed qualitatively using content analysis based on analysis of meanings and implications emanating from respondents information and documented data. The results of the study showed that CSP on the success of URRAP roads construction in GTP I was high and they had participated more in cash and free labor contribution and their participation was decreasing. It was also evident that communities and stakeholders were not participated on maintenance of URRAP roads projects in GTP I and was monitored and followed up rarely. The recommendations include providing grass root capacity building and training for woredas and developing the management system of CSP, the improvement of the work integration and cooperation between ORA and other pertinent organizations and the support given to ORA by the administrative bodies in realizing the community and different stakeholders’ participation on URRAP roads maintenance projects



Community Participation, Maintenance, Road Maintenance