The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s Power of Investigation of Human Rights Violations and its Application during State of Emergencies

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This study assessed the legal and practical challenges the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has faced in the application of the agreeable exercise of its mandate of investigation of human rights violation during state of emergency. By employing a qualitative approach that used both primary and secondary data, the research examined the international and national legal frameworks pertaining to the EHRC power of investigation of human rights violations during SOE emergency; EHRC‟s achievement, and challenges in the investigation of human right violations during the last SOEs. The study‟s key finding is that, although EHRC has the mandate to investigate human rights violations, it was not able to exercise its mandate on any of the appalling human rights violations committed during the last SOEs and has not performed at expected standard. Nonetheless, the study also found that lack of independence was the central problem for EHRC.



Human Rights Commission’s,Human Rights Violations,State of Emergencies,Power of Investigation