Exploring Prospects and Challenges of Child Protection Practices in Arada and Lideta Sub-Cities in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study was designed to exploring prospects and challenges of child protection practices in Arada and Lideta Sub-Cities in Addis Ababa .Child abuse is one of the burning social problems globally. In developing countries like Ethiopia, child abuse is an increasing problem. In response to this, many countries are adopting the international child protection laws and developing their own national strategies to maintain the wellbeing of children. However, these international and national efforts are being challenged by many factors. Participants in this research were Arada sub- city Woreda four, nine and ten police men and parents and Lideta First Instance Court judges and social workers. Nine (males=5 and females=4) participants were selected using purposive sampling techniques. This study employed a qualitative research method with case study design. Data were collected using, semi-structured in-depth interviews, key informant interviews, document analysis and systematic observation. The results of the study indicated that Ledeta Federal First Instance Court and social work office provided free psycho-social and legal support for abused children, witness using CCTV and initiating child friendly justice, adoption and custody, justice for abused children without swear, child-family bench counseling. Moreover, Arada sub-city Woreda four, nine and ten police stations practiced protecting children from being beaten, physical attack, sexual abuse and psychological attacks. Lack of special rest rooms at some police stations, loosely execution of child protection laws, delay in reporting child abuse cases, absence of valid evidences of child abuse, escape of criminals particularly abusers on street children, repeated postponements of the court due to process; lack of awareness to bring cases of abused children to the court and inability to understand and explain the nature of the abuse by children are identified as the major challenges of child protection practices in the study areas. Despite of these challenges, the presence of child-friendly bench, the involvements of social work professionals in court juice system, separated rooms for treating abused children in social work office, the family bench counseling services, the use of CCTV Camera, the involvement of some international NGOs are some of the good practice and that have bright feature prospects for child protection practices. Key words: Child, Child protection, abuse, child abuse



Child, Child protection, abuse, child abuse