A Framework of Virtualized Infrastructure as AaService for Ethiopian Banking Industry

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Addis Ababa University


The growth of servers within the DCs leads to think better solution to utilize and manage resources effectively. Thus, Virtualization is being used by a growing number of organizations to address these critical situations and become a better solution to consolidate their workloads, to make their IT environments scalable and more flexible. Virtualization is the foundation of cloud computing and forms the base for offering cloud services. Virtualization technology implementation practices, its use for the banking Industry and how better to take the advantage of virtualization technology, have been done elsewhere, such attempts in developing countries like Ethiopia is lacking. To this end, this thesis tried to assess virtualization technology implementation practices, benefit and challenges with the view to identify improvement aspects and to propose IaaS framework for banking industry. Design science research methodology is selected so as to design the proposed framework. Observation, Semi-structured interview, and document analysis were the data collection instruments used to gather appropriate data. Based on interview result data was analyzed using Thematic Analysis Technique (TAT) in which the result of interview was grouped in to main categories. Based on the result and related literatures the researcher have proposed and customized Infrastructure as a Service Framework which will be applicable for Ethiopian Banking Industries. A practical demonstration of proposed frame work has been done by using simulation tools and acquired test results were stated. Based on current state analysis of the business requirements which arise from banking industries a proposed framework targeted to improve effective utilization of resources, reduce cost associated with the information technology infrastructure and to reduce operational complexities in Ethiopian Banking Industries. In order to meet the banking industries requirements this study identifies the key elements necessary to be included in this framework. Based on the current analysis the study focused search for existing knowledge and best practices suitable for Ethiopian Banking industries and key elements in the related framework.



Virtualization Technology, Framework of Iaas