Portrayal and representation of Ethiopian women in print media (The Case of Some Selected Newspapers and Magazine)

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Addis Ababa University


!'h is research examined the portrayal and representations or Ethiop ian women In print Medi a, whi ch were published from Meskerem 1,200 I to Meskerem 1,2002 S.C To carry out this in vestigation the major mcthodologie,d approach was qualitati ve research. Accordingly, content analysis, in-depth interview and questionnaires have been used to collect data. Purpos i'/e, convenient and sim ple random samplings were employed to select newspapers, magazines and respondents of the study. Accordingly, fifty -two sample editions were taken from 1\\0 newspapers and one magazine (Addis Admas, Addis Zemen and Kalkidan).The study invol ved, 81 participants but the data were gathered fj'om 71 indi viduals finally. (i.e. 65 were readers and six journali sts) The findi ng of the research revealed that women and their issues were scarcely presented in newspapers and magazines. The on ly top ic where women had bellcr representation was to pic ldated to gender-based viol ence. In issues such as politics and economy, they were almost noncx istenl. Women were li'equently portrayed as victims of gender-based violence and as economically dependent. They were barely represented as asse rti ve, public figures ancl as role ll1odeh . In media women are portrayed mostly performi ng the ir tradi tional roles. Mainly rep roduct ive roles of women were highl y emphasized in newspape rs and magaz ines. I:inally. the representation of womcn in top decis ion-making position was also not proporti onal. Men held majority of top decision-making positions compmed to women. This implies unfair • representation of women in top deci sion-making position.