The state of painting Collections at the National Museum of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study is to create understanding and identify the problems of painting collection, documentation, acquisition, and conservation of painting at‖NME‖ fine arts storage room. The methodology used to address the research. To this end, in order to gather the data, interviews were conducted among eighteen people who are relevant to the field of art. On top of this questionnaires were distributed among seventy-five people. After careful analysis and investigation of the data obtained, the research has revealed that there were problems of acquiring, acquisition, accession, documentation, conservation and handling of painting collection in ARCCH Cultural Heritage Collection Directorate. The significance of this study is that give an appropriate ways for preserving and conserving of painting in fine art collection storage. Painting being the reflection of culture and history which should be for image building of the country, income generating and tourist attraction. Beside this it helps to transmit our cultural heritage for generations to come.



National Museum,painting