Challenges and Opportunities of Female Students in Secondary Schools of Gulele Sub City, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The major objective of this study was to assess the challenges and opportunities of female education in secondary schools of Gulele sub city in Addis Ababa. To achieve this, a descriptive survey method was used. Secondary schools (eight in number) of the sub-city were selected using suitable sampling method. Questionnaire for teachers and female students, structured interview forms for directors and vice-directors and written document review were used as data collection instruments. The study included a total of 231 female-secondary students, 170 secondary school teachers and 8 directors and 8 vice –directors. In analyzing and reporting the result, percentages were used. The major findings revealed that the challenges of female students’ education such as family’s educational and economic backgrounds, shortage of instructional materials for academic performances, burdens in domestic activities, lack of female oriented training etc., negatively affected the participation of female students in the secondary schools. Thus, to raise the opportunities of Gulele Sub City Secondary Schools the sub city Education Training Office should try to create awareness on how to improve the problem of work load at home on female students by using different methods, to decrease the effect of distance from home to school and other related challenges the city government should build more secondary and preparatory schools in the sub city. The school administration and teachers should set solid program to train the students so as to decrease social media’ impact, etc.



Challenges and Opportunities of Female