Community Participation in the Implementation of School Improvement Program in Government Primary Schools of Gondar Town

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Addis Ababa University


The major i/llent of this swdy was to assess the currellt practices alld the illfluellce of school alld COllllllllllity factors 011 the level of commullity participatioll ill the implemelltatioll of school improvemellt program ill government prim ary schools of COlldar tOWII. To achieve rhese objecrives, a descriptive survey merhod was emplo,·erl. From a rota I offorn' govemmellf prilllUlT schools, rell schools were selecred as a sample of the stud,' usillg simple ralldom r('chll ique. Data were collecred from prillcipals, teachers, parents, conllllluliry represen{{/ ri1'(!s ill Parent Tea cher Associarions (P TA ) alld School Improvemenr Commillee (SIC) and education officials through questiollnaires alld illrerview. The surve\' quesrionnaires , .. ere distributed to 90 teachers, 264 parenrs, and 40 PTA and SIC members. Among rhe fOral 394 distributed questionllaires, 372(94.42%) quesrionnaires were filled and retumed. Moreover, interviews were held with school principals and educational officials. The data obtained Fom quesrionnaires were allalyzed using percentage and fII ean scores and the data gathered employing illterviews and opell ended quesrions were qualiratively described. Accordinglv, rhe resulrs of rhe srudV have suggesred thor rhe relarionship berween school alld COllllllull ir." was nor close enuugh to lead ro a cooperarive e[fon rOlvards rhe implefllenrarion of school improvemellr programs; rhe ejJon of school admillistrators to involve the cOfllfll ulliry ill rhe implementatioll of school improvemellr program was inadequate; finallcial constraillts a ll the parr of comllllmity significanth' ajJec1ed their participation in rhe ifllp lemelltarioll of school improvement program; alld community awarelless on school improvemel/r program was low. Thus, to minimize problems related to commulliry participarioll ill school improvemel/r prografll , school-commullity relationship should be strengrhelled; traillillg should be organ ized for school administrarors on how to in volve and work wirh the commlmity in school ajJairs; and orientalioll should be given ro rhe commulliry to enhallce th eir {Il vareness all roles alld responsibilities they have to play ill the implementar ioll of school ifllprovemellr program



Government Primary Schools of Gondar Town