Barriers in Implementing Green Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing Industries: A Case Study of Ethiopian Leather Industries

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Addis Ababa University


The leather Industry is one of the industries which have effect on the Environment especially if it is not managed properly. In Ethiopia the leather industry is one of the main exports earning and job creation. On the other hand, it has side effects to the environment, as tanneries do not want to include cost for environmental protection, because it increases their cost of production. This research paper assessed the barriers to implement green supply chain management, the study uses primary data sources, Survey questionnaires this research paper reveals there is awareness and technological gap according to the findings of this case study. The main barrier for implementation of green supply chain management are High cost of waste disposal and lack of alternate technology. Lack of technology has also greatest impact in implementation of green supply chain management. This research recommends strong supervision capacity, sufficient budget allocation for waste disposal and implementation of environmental standard and policies. Key words: supply chain, green supply chain management



supply chain, green, supply chain management