Asphalt Road Pavement Rehabilitation and Maintenance Case Study in Addis Ababa City Roads Authority

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Addis Ababa University


Addis Ababa City Roads Authority representing the Addis Ababa City Administration manages the entire city roads. Currently it is engaged in increasing Addis Ababa city road coverage to reach 25% within 2012 E.C. However, literatures indicate that most of the city roads severely suffering from lack of proper maintenance. Hence, identifying critical problems can be input towards improving road maintenance and rehabilitation activities of the City roads. After detail review of scientific literature and international experience in managing asphalt maintenance, based on pavement evaluation, maintenance and pavement management system questionnaires was developed and interview was conducted. Through interview and questionnaire survey of professionals; the present maintenance and rehabilitation practice of AACRA was assessed. Responses were graded by average index method. In conclusion, the finding of this study implies that Addis Ababa City Roads Authority doesn‟t conduct adequate pavement condition evaluation that can be sound input for recommending maintenance options and the maintenance work is limited to overlay and pouching and performing maintenance without adequately defining the route cause of distress, moreover this study identifies the greatest challenge for road rehabilitation and maintenance in AACRA is the absence of well established pavement management system. The study recommended that AACRA shall asses and apply alternative pavement evaluation and maintenance methods. Moreover, AACRA has to establish pavement management system to manage maintenance activities for better and optimum utilization of resource. Further research is also recommended which includes development of pavement management system and pavement treatment selection alternatives for Addis Ababa City Roads Authority. Key Words: pavement evaluation, pavement maintenance, pavement management



pavement evaluation, pavement maintenance, pavement management