Psychosocial Problems of Female Students With Motor Disorders: the Case of Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa University


The study attempted to see the psychosocial problems of f emale students with motor disorders. More specifically, it was designed to e.xplore the level of their physical self esteem and problems they faced in the formation of Fiends. The study also examined the reactions of classmates and the interventions strategies that have been taken. The whole female students with motor disorders at Addis Ababa Universil;)I were the subjects of the study. The paper was grounded in qualitative ana~)lsis and the results of the s tU(~)I indicated that female students with /1/oto,. disorders ranked themselves below average in social skiffs. Disabili(1' labeling, inconsistent treatments, perceived assumptions, reflected appraisals, lack of professional supports and comparisons were sOllie 0/ tIle major fa ctors that might affect the p5ychosocial states ot fel1lale students with /1/ 0101' disorders. The results 0/ the s tU{~1' fi/rther showed that intil1lac), l1'as a decisive variable that ,rould determine the Ifill/litl' o/attitudes de veloped hy class/l/ates. Reco/l/mendations ,,'ere a15 . IIII/de hased on thesefindillgs



Female Students; Motor Disorderss