Assessment Of The Effect Of Third Party Logistics Service Providers Operation On Their Performance Using Logistics Performance Index

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to assess the 3rd party logistics service providers operation on the logistics performance of the service provider using the World Bank logistics performance measurement dimensions. The World Bank uses six dimensions but only three were adopted for this study. These are customs clearance, tracking and tracing; and timeliness. 36 freight forwarders and customs clearing agents were contacted for the study. The primary data from the freight forwarders was collected using questionnaire and secondary data was conducted by referencing relevant literature, publications and other researches. Data obtained through questionnaire has been analyses using descriptive statics supported by SPSS 20.0software version. Lack of modernized logistics operation has been observed as the major hindrance for logistics performance. Accordingly, it has been recommended in the study for 3PL service providers to take measure to solve and improve logistics activities



customs operation, warehouse, customs clearance