The Mediating Role of Employees Training in the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Employees Commitment: The Case of Hidassie Telecom Share Company

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of employee’s trainings as a mediating role on the relationship between organizational culture and employee’s commitment in Hidassie Telecom private Share Company. The study adopted the quantitative research method and a systematic sampling method was used. The data was collected using questioners from 125 (80.8% response rate) from the head offices and three districts of HTSC on Addis Ababa. The obtained data was analyzed using the statistical package for social science (SPSS) by means of descriptive and inferential analyses. The result of this study indicates that majority of the respondents agreed that the company culture is hierarchical culture which emphasize more on rules and policy in order to accomplish its purpose. The correlation result shows that the relationships between three variables of the study such as organizational culture, employee’s commitment and employees training were positive and moderate. And adhocracy culture has significant and positive correlations with both employees training as well as employee’s commitment. Moreover, out of the four facets of organizational culture clan, adhocracy, market and hierarchical cultures employees training was partially mediate the relationship between adhocracy culture and employee’s commitment. The result shows there is significant direct impact of adhocracy culture on employee’s commitment, and indirect impact using employees training as a mediator. The present paper recommends to HTSC about the need to implement a dynamic, risk taking and entrepreneurial working culture to change the attitudes of employees towards training and to evolve between management practices so that employee’s commitment is maintained at high level. The implications from this study suggests a message that telecom companies like HTSC as it is a business organization will benefit if adopting specific culture.



Employee‟s commitment, Employees training, Mediation, Organizational culture