Contribution of Inbound Tourism for Community Livelihood in Ethiopia: The Case of Simien Mountains National Park, North West Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This research examined the contribution of inbound tourism to the community livelihood in Ethiopia: the case of Simien Mountains National Park, North West Ethiopia. The research method used is mixed; the quantitative and qualitative approaches done concurrently. The research revealed that the inbound tourism contributes for job creation, supports the agricultural activities, saving, and small and micro-enterprises through additional disposable income generation. It also supports the human capital development of the community as, food and nutrition, education health, housing and access for technology. The inbound tourism helped to link the agriculture, the souvenir business with the tourism service activities. The agriculture supplies the tourism with vegetables, fruits, live animals such as chicken, sheep, goats and the like and rent pack animals. Still there is a gap in the import substitution. The souvenir article production and sales also benefit from the tourism. Age and education are found to be the most important factors that affect income from tourism services. The more educated earn better than the less educated and the younger earns more than the older. Though it has relation with tourism income, sex is not found to be significant factor. Tourism is found to contribute significantly for the livelihood of the local community in the case of the Simen Mountains national park. It contributes for employment creation, government income in form of entrance, income tax from enterprise and the workers, etc. The research also revealed that there are challenges for tourism at individual such as lack of knowledge, sill, language and the like, at community level village and household sanitation to attract visitors’ experience, lack of awareness for tourism and government level not professionalize the sector, intervention in the private service sector, and others



Social Work