The Effect of Leadership Practices on Performance in the Selected Branch of Transport Authority in Addis Ababa

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Leadership determines whether an organization, a nation, or a group will be achieving its goals and also satisfy the followers’ needs. This study focused on the effect of Leadership Practices on performance in the selected branch of the Transport Authority in Addis Ababa. To get the real picture of the effect of leadership practice on transport performance, the research design used descriptive and explanatory research design. The total population of the study was 414 employees and 203 sample respondents were selected by using purposive and stratified random sampling techniques. The sources of data were primary and secondary. The primary data were collected from technical employees and the secondary data were gathered from available relevant books, both published and unpublished materials. The questionnaires were distributed to all 203 sample respondents which 193 of them returned and the response rate of the properly returned questionnaire was 95 percent. To present and analyze data, descriptive and explanatory statistical analysis was done by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 26. In addition, Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient was used to assess the relationship between (leadership practice) such as modeling the way, enabling others to act, inspiring a shared vision, and challenging the process with public transport performance. The findings show that the independent variables like modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, and challenging the process have a statistically significant and positive relationship with the performance of public transport but enabling others to act variable was insignificant on public transport performance. On the other hand, the study also employed multiple regression analysis to identify the overall effect of leadership practice on public transport performance and the result showed that 41.7 percent of the variation in the public transport performance can be affected by the leadership practice variables. Therefore, the study concluded that leadership practice has a moderate effect on public transport performance in the selected branches of transport authority in Addis Ababa.



leadership practice, public transportation performance