The Effect of Service Quality on Members Satisfaction: An Empirical Evidence from ECX

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to see how service quality affects members’ satisfaction at the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. Based on this study, the active engagement of both members as well as the staffs of the exchange has a deciding contribution on the effects of service quality that is being provided and a significant consequences for how service quality impacts members’ satisfaction could be evaluated and understood. Both descriptive and explanatory research designs were used in this study. The study's participants included both ECX members and employees from the company's headquarters. The data for the study was gathered using Google forms questionnaires and included both primary and secondary sources. The data was processed and presented in tables and graphs using a statistical tool for social sciences (SPSS). The survey discovered that ECX's market information accessibility, as well as the professionalism and courtesy of its employees, play a significant role in keeping the exchange's members satisfied. Members’ satisfaction is influenced by service quality since it helps the exchange improve sales volume of commodities in the country, traders' earnings, and the exchange’s relationship with its members. This study looked at the relationship between members’ satisfaction and the convenience of the process, timeliness of the process, accessibility of information, clarity of information, employee curtsey, and professionalism of employees. This study's findings are based on data collected from 267 members via questionnaires. The study discovered from the sample respondents that the relationship between information accessibility, employees’ courtesy, and employees’ professionalism has a significant and positive impact on member satisfaction, whereas the relationship between ease of the process, timeliness of process, and clarity of information has a positive but statistically insignificant impact. This study represents findings that were only gathered from the sample respondents but may not reflect the views of the whole population of the exchange’s members or employees.



the exchange, traders, members