The Leadership Effectiveness and Organizational Performance of Gog Woreda Education Office, Gambella Regional state.

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study to understand the effectiveness leadership affect positively on organizational performance.. The methodology adopted both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The source of data both primary and secondary source of data primary source department head of education and school principal and secondary source of data reports documents and other written materials. which was selected by simple random sampling technique. 20 department head and 62 school principals The instrument of data collection face to face interviews and structured questionnaires were used The researcher selected employees from different individuals to represent the different groups of employees of Gog to get diverse views in leadership and their relation to organizational settings. The procedures data analysis generated interview were qualitative nature and also were analyzed through interview thematic analysis. The collected form questionnaires were quantitative nature and by used percentage to analysis the data. The researcher discovered the leadership actions and consequences of the leader’s actions for followers, organization stakeholder and organizational performance. Those are the dependent variables organization performance and the independent variables of leadership styles questions (Transformational, Transactional and laissez-faire) were used to measure the perception of respondents. The research findings Transactional leadership style was the most practiced by the head of office in the woreda education office mean that reward and punishment was practically. Managing organizations in a way that is consistent with environmental variables is having in the culture of the people, their needs and value preferences. The challenges such as lack good office equipment, insufficient funds, poor work environment and others are some of the variables that hamper the performance of the organization. The researcher concluded that the organization performance was poor lack of effective leadership. Basic those case I recommendation The organization to be effective Accountability for any decision should be consider mean that check your decision very well and also alignment the employee to achieve the mission and the goal of the organization. Keywords: Effect, Effectiveness, Employees, Leaders, Leadership, Organization, Performance



Effect, Effectiveness, Employees, Leaders, Leadership, Organization, Performance.