Comparative Performance of Students from Addis Ababa and Oute Parts of the Country

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Addis Abeba university


Some mul tivadate statistical PJctho'!3 lp,'Ie boon employed in this study. In particul(;l:, the method of pr:Jfite analysis have been used to /' compare tho performance of studonts \jllo originated from Addis Ababa with that of the remaining students who originated from other parts of Ethiopia. The data, four semester grade point aV6rages (GPA's), collected from the record office of the Faculty of Science of Addis Ababa University have been used to test lihether difference in origin resulted in any real difference in performance between the two groups of students after the The stl',dy is primaril)" based 0'1 ',he s'~udGn'\:s from the Department of Statistics who were e;,rolled ,',t the begining of the 1911.'82 academic year and graduated by the end of the 1084/85 acadntic year for various reasons. Based on tile cliipedcal findin, .. , s:)mG ~:::;,tdUH" conclusions have been made



Oute Parts of the country