The effect of product attributes on consumer purchasing decision: the case of Ethiopian traditional wears in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The research focused on apparel attributes that may affect consumer purchasing decision to Ethiopian traditional fashions in Addis Ababa. Studied variables are the five Apparel attributes Physical apparel attributes, Affective apparel attributes, performance apparel attributes, Aesthtics apparel attributes, Connotative apparel attributes. All responses were collected from all customers and potential customers of traditional fashion in Addis Ababa by using questionnaire through convenience sampling (n=322). Data was analysed to obtain descriptive statistics, normality test, reliability test and comparing mean analysis (i.e. independent t-test and ANOVA) and other analyses (i.e. correlation analysis and multiple linear regressions). According to the findings, four of the apparel attributes were identified as essential for consumer purchasing decision. Connotative apparel attribute has disregarded because fail to attain the reliability standard which 0.7 the result gets 0.647. The researcher recommends that the four apparel attributes are critical in influencing consumers purchasing decision towards Ethiopian traditional fashion so that all parties involved in producing and marketing these products should give a due emphasis for all attributes. However aesthetic attributes had highest effect.



Ethiopian traditional fashion, Physical apparel attributes, Affective apparel attributes