A study on the contribution of autism centers to mothers of children with autism; the case of joy autism center

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Addis Ababa University


The most difficult burden in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of autism rests on parents in general and mothers in particular. Due to the nature of the disorder taking care of an autistic child alone is an insurmountable task for mothers. The objective of this study is assessing the contribution of autism centers for mothers of autistic children by particularly addressing the difficulties mothers face and the services rendered in autism centers. The framework of the study is that there is a direct relationship between the contributions or the services of autism centers to mothers of autistic children and the resultant improvements in the life of the autistic child, mothers and the whole family. Qualitative research method is used in the whole process of conducting this research. Focus group discussion and an in depth interview are utilized as instruments of data collection from the participants of the study. The study was conducted in joy autism center. According to the data gathered from the center there are 80 autistic children receiving education, training and treatment from the center. The populations of the study are mothers of these autistic children at joy autism center. Among them 12 are purposively selected to participate in the in depth interview and focus group discussion according to the duration of admission and their background. The findings of the study revealed that mothers of children with autism face different social, economic, psychological and other problems. Particularly lack of awareness, shortage of time, financial scarcity, stigma and stress are some of the problems mothers encounter. The study also found out that autism centers are ideal in solving these problems faced by mothers by providing different services for their autistic children and the mothers themselves. In order to albeit all the problems associated with autism the government, the media, health institutions and civil society organizations shall give due concern for autism and its overall impact. Future researches shall be conducted on the impact of autism at individual, family and societal level. Particularly the impact of autism of family and the society in Ethiopia is unaddressed area. Key Words; Mothers, Autism, Mothers‟ of Children with Autism, Contribution, Autism Centers



Mothers, Autism, Mothers‟ of Children with Autism, Contribution, Autism Centers