Amharic Reading Comprehension Skill of 5th Grade, Pre- lingual Deaf Students

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Addis Ababa University


In this study, Amharic reading comprehension of pre- lingual deaf grade 5 students in Addis Ababa, found in four schools, is examined along with their word identification. The reading comprehension and word identification of 56 pre- lingual deaf students between II and 17 years of age was examined. For the purpose of the study, two word identification tests and one reading comprehension test was designed and administered for the participants. Interview schedule were also clcsigned and administered for the four schools grade 5 Amharic teachers. Classroom observation sessions were also conducted to triangu late the data obtained from the tests and the interview schedule. The data were analyzed statistically and they revealed the reading comprehension scores of pre- lingual deaf stuclents are poor. The word identification scores of the pre- lingual clear students, however, were good. Although reading comprehension and word identifi cation appear to be related, this relation docs not completely explain the comprehension difficulties encountered by deaf students. Additional factors are required to explain deaf student's diniculties with rcading compr<:hension. This study also brought out there IS no significant differences between age difkrences of the deaf students regarding to word identification and reading comprehension. It is also seen that there is no significant differences betwcen the severely and profoundly deaf students concerning to their word identification and reacling comprehension ski ll. The findings also suggest that there are no significance differences between male and female pre- lingual deaf students regarding to their word identification and reacling comprehension skills.



Amharic reading comprehension, of pre- lingual deaf grade 5 students