Opportunities and challenges of female sports journalists in Ethiopian media: A case study in Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, Fana Broadcasting Corporation and Addis Ababa Media Network

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The main objective of this study was to identify the challenges and opportunities of female Sports journalists while they are working sport news and programs in the three media organizations such as EBC, FBC and AMN. The researcher had conducted mixed research design and collected data from informants through questionnaire and in-depth interview. The data have been collected from 86 respondents using a closed ended and open ended questionnaire and which has been presented and interpreted using quantitative and quantitative methods. The research findings exhibited that female Sports journalists face more challenges in their fresh time than they became experienced. Female Sports journalists face challenges in career advancements and employment opportunities. They also face challenges in relation to the type of news or programs they cover, they are not given the prime time to anchor event. When compared to male sport journalists, the number of female Sports journalists in the three media organizations in Amharic sport department is insignificant. The research finds out that there is no female sport journalist in FBC at all. In addition having double responsibility, sexual harassments both in their organization as well as in working areas of news and programs were the major challenges which have been identified. In general female Sports journalists are working without enabling environment that impedes their contribution in the field of journalism. Moreover, female Sports journalists and other members of the three media organizations have also been interviewed and the in-depth interview data has been also analyzed. The study has identified the following findings with regard to the challenges and opportunities that female Sports journalists face in the three media organizations. Having special reporting that is focusing on sport issues and reporting, having few employment opportunities for female who would like to join in sport department, having few policies in the country which encourages female to join in different employment opportunities have been identified as an opportunity. The research concluded that as all the media organizations are a fairly male oriented representation. This will lead to female to be dominated by male sport journalists. Hence, more work is needed to reduce male controlled power and more affirmative action’s should be given to female Sports journalists in order to increase their numbers in Amharic sport departments were given as some of the recommendations in this research.



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