Challenges Of Project Procurement And Contract Administration: The Case Of Optimal Traffic Routing Automation Project, Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to examine how scope/specification development and involvement of concerned stakeholders in the planning stage of the project procurement management process of an Optimal traffic routing automation project at Ethio Telecom affect the performance of the project. Descriptive research design was employed for the study. Semi-structured interview with purposive sampling technique was conducted with five management staffs of the sourcing department of the company. Close ended questionnaire was distributed to thirty-five employees where thirty-two are completed and returned. The data collected through questionnaire has been analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics; mean and standard deviation of SPSS version 20.00 software. And, the data obtained using interviews has been analyzed qualitatively. The study focused on the project procurement management practice of optimal traffic routing automation project undertaken by the company in order to improve the performance of voice traffic quality and take advantage of the cost involved for each call routing. The study examines the project considering plan procurement management, conduct procurements and control procurements processes of the project procurement management knowledge area. Contract administration practice of the project was also observed in the study. Accordingly, the findings showed that, scope and specifications for the project were not properly prepared, concerned stakeholders were not involved, risk related to the project was not considered, cost, schedule and detail requirements documents were not properly developed in the planning stage which in turn affects the conduct and control processes. Besides, no regular training is being provided to both sourcing and procurement requesting unit staffs, there is a skill gap that needs to be filled to improve the project procurement management process. Thus, planning should be given due consideration, and regular training must be provided on project procurement and contract administration related issues to all concerned staffs of the company.



Scope, Specification, Stakeholders, procurement