Factors Affecting the Adoption of Amole Digital Payment Platform: The Case of Dshen Bank S.C

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to identify factors affecting the adoption of Amole mobile banking payment from the subscribers point of view. Adoption can be measured using the following variables: Attitude, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, perceived risk, and reliability. The research was explanatory by nature and it followed a quantitative approach, thus a deductive research approach was used. Data were collected through a five points Likert type summated rating scales based questionnaire. Relatively a large sample of three hundred eighty-four was surveyed. Correlation and regression analysis has been deployed to determine the strength of association between the dependent and independent variables. Once the use of these regression and correlation analysis is warranted; that is after the analysis test is qualified then the coefficient of regression analysis was used to substantiate or disprove the formulated hypothesis. The study revealed that all variables have a significant effect on the adoption of the Amole digital platform in the study area. Finally, the research found that perceived risk is the more significant factor that affects adoption of Amole followed by attitude, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and reliability



Perceived risk Perceived ease of use, Perceived usefulness, Reliability