Relationship Between Stakeholder Engagemnet And Project Performance In The Case Of Ethiopian Road Authority

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Addis Ababa University


Stakeholder engagement in project management plays a critical role in project performance. In Ethiopia, Ethiopian Road Authority initiated vast road construction Projects dividing its roll in 5 regions; this has involved a number of stakeholders, The specific objectives of this paper is to assess the relationship between stakeholder engagement and project performance on Ethiopian road authority . This study adopted descriptive survey research design as it enabled collection of data to answer to research questions. The target population used for the study was the stakeholder including ERA, consultant and contractor. The study population was 58 who were project managers, team leaders, resident engineers and project engineers (counterpart engineers). And there was 51 respondents. The questionnaire used to collect primary data was 5 steps Likert scale and Secondary data was collected from organizations reports. The collected data was edited for completeness and consistency and then coded and entered into SPSS for analysis. Descriptive analysis such as percentage, frequencies, means and standard deviations was used to analyze quantitative data. Analysis of correlation examines the relationship between stakeholders’ engagement and project performance focusing on Ethiopian Road Authority. The study revealed that stakeholder engagement has significance influence on project Performance.



engagement and project performance focusing, Ethiopian Road Authority initiated vast road construction Projects, Stakeholder engagement in project